Sunday, December 8, 2013

You can now REGISTER

See ZION FIELD INSTITUTE to register online for 2014 Poetry-in-The-Park or print off the registration from below.  Participants are limited to 34 so it's time to plan ahead.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's coming...SPRING 2014

        Mark your calendar for Friday, March 21, 2014 for the fifth annual POETRY in the PARK in Zion National Park. This year features John Resmerski or Rez as he prefers to be called, Minnesota Past POET LAUREATE with an exciting workshop entitled:

When Good Poems Go Bad––Diagnosis and Repair

 1. Too Little, Too Fast, Too Easy, Too Cool for School––Learning to spot weaknesses in poems.
 2. Assembling a Poetry Repair Kit––A guide to fixing your poems' problems.

         Make plans to join us. Registration is limited to 34 poets and available after Jan 2014. Fees are $60 for this workshop which includes class materials, a nature walk in Zion Park, free park pass, and snacks. Bring your own picnic lunch. Carpools available from nearby St. George, Utah. Contact Poetry in the Park Chair-Lin Floyd for more information. Discounts ($48) available for UTSPS ( Utah State Poetry Society members and Zion Natural History Society members. Other poetry events available on Saturday in St. George with Redrock Writers annual Seminar ( . Make it a poetry weekend.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Report of Poetry in the Park 2013

It was a crisp early Spring morning in Zion Park-Mar 22, 2013.

Time for Poetry In the Park, now in its fourth year
partially funded by Utah State Division of Arts & Museums,
and Natl. Endowment of the Arts plus the partnership of 
Utah State Poetry Society and Zion Natural History Association.

(l-r) Lyman Hafen of Zion Natural History Association
welcomes Lance Larsen our new Utah Poet Laureate, NEA
Fellow in Poetry, and English Professor at BYU

Held at the historic Zion Nature Center inside Zion Natl. Park

LaVerna Johnson began Poetry In the Park four years ago
with the support of Gary Christian of Redrock Writers Guild.

Lance taught two excellent workshops on "Coaxing the Muse"

and "Revising the Muse" to a full classroom

of students which included beginners to more experienced poets.

The day was full with time to write new poems plus

enjoy a guided nature walk with our knowledgeable
naturalist guide Michael Plyer of Zion Canyon Field Institute.

It was a productive, enjoyable day of writing, exploring
and making new friends while eating our sack lunches.
There were 32 who registered for this event.

Too soon it was time to say "Thanks, Lance
for an excellent presentation and sharing
your talents as a poet and inspiring teacher."

This year's new Chair of Poetry In the Park is
Lin Floyd who organized and publicized this event

including the scholarshiping of three teachers from Washington 
County School District and two high school students: Jadie Bell and
above Natalie Scoresby who is sharing a poem with the group.

It was a full day of creativity and self expression plus
nature viewing of the wild-life in Zion National Park.
Hope you'll plan to join us next Spring. Poet TBA.
(Photos from Thaya Gilmore and Lin Floyd)